Allegheny Johnny Cash

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How she got that junk car runnin' guess I'll never know
It never ran but once and set to winters in the snow
Well imagine runnin' out on me when I lay sound asleep Allegheny
Well my big mistake was thinkin' she was something I could keep
She stole my winter's food supply and something else I fear
My savin's in the mattress have strangely disappeared
Now those who know me best knows he who robs me best beware Allegheny
I'm gonna call up the dogs and hunt you down drag you back here by the hair

Oh Allegheny something tells me you're dis-satisfied
Well could it be because I've been your mail-order bride
There's a half of you that's French yeah and I need to crave a better style
And a half of you is Cherokee yeah and I've gone wild Allegheny

She's got a head start on me as a crow flies half a day
And unless I miss my guess she'll stop to rest in Monterey
But if I take the Knoxville Highway thirteen hours it will be Allegheny
Well she forgot I knew the shortcut I'll be there in less than three

Oh Allegheny something tells me...

I signaled for my dogs to wait outside the hotel door
I described her to the desk clerk he said try the second floor
And then he mentioned she's got company
And that marks the stranget's doom Allegheny
I wish I was her so I could see my face when I bust into the room

Oh Allegheny something tells me...
Allegheny Allegheny come back here Allegheny Allegheny

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