Tear - stained letter Johnny Cash

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INTRO: D then walkup to G in verse
GImD gonna write a tearstained letter Im gonna mail it straight to you
DImE7 goAnna bring back to your mind what you said about always being true
DAbGout our secret hidin places bein daily satisfied
DI can see you sittin and readin it while you hang your head and cry
DI AjuDst hope youre not so sad that youre gonna go down suicide

Im gonna write a tearstained letter put it special delivery
Cause its gonna be full of stuff thats only known to you and me
Bout how everytime I get turned on you turn me off and bring me down
Itll be about the darkest news that ever did arrive in your hometown
Itll be about the saddest thing your mailman ever did bring around

Im gonna write a tearstained letter Im gonna tell you one more time
That you still could reconsider and come back to being mine
And if you think about what Im sayin itll be hard to refuse
Just be sure you think a longtime on the answer that you choose
It will be a most important piece of personal private news

Im gonna write a tearstained letter mark it personal private news
And I hope youll keep it to yourself and dont go around cryin the blues
Givin off a bad impression as to what went really wrong
When what it was was that suddenly the music was all gone
And this man and woman got cut off in the middle off our song

Im gonna write a tearstained letter Im gonna put it to a tune
So Ill be sendin in with it a sweet melody for you
And not some red-hot upbeat zinger thatll set your body on fire
But a hunk of love included meant to take you a little higher
And to settle on your sweet sweet mind at night when you retire
GI Dgonna write a tearstained letter

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