I Think Its Going To Rain Today Katie Melua

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  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
GBroken windows and the emCpty hallwayGs,
GPale-dead  me oon and the Csky strD7eaked with graGy.
hHuman kie ndness is a7 o - G6/H ver  C   flowinA7g,
And e I think it'A7s going toC rain to-daGy.

/ G / C D7sus4 /

GScarecrows dressed in the lateCst stylinGgs,
WitGh frozen e smiles to Cchase lD7ove awaGy.
hHuman kine dness is o  a7 - veG6/Hr   CfloA7wing,
And I thinke it's goingA7 to rain tCo-day.     G 

GLoneFly  G     F    H    d   
GLoneFly  G     F    H    d   

g Tin can at my feet,
DisThink I'll kick it down the street,
HThat's no way to treat a friend.  G 

/ C H /

GRight before the sigCns implore mGe,

GHelp the e needy, Cshow thD7em the wayG.
hHuman kie ndness is o a7 -  vG6/Her   C flA7owing,
And e I think it'A7s going toC rain to-daGy.

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Katarzyna Szostak
Katarzyna Szostak