The house Katie Melua

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
e C D

Who is in that house?

 I opened e the door tCo see  D 
 Who is e up the sCtairs? D 
 I’m walking upe foolCishly  D 

 And at the end of the Ghall was a de oor
 And I got a pulled in by a sound
 But I Dwish I’d never found

 In the Cprivacy Dof your own e room
 Where fClowers in the Dwallpaper e bloom
 Where CI just Ddon’t undera stand  e   
 In the Cprivacy of your Groom
 Look e away now, look Caway now
 At the a moon

Is somebody watching me?
You really shouldn’t see
Why did you climb that last stair
You found me unaware

What I’m doing now it’s my own
And I don’t want it to be known
And it has to just remain

In the privacy of my own room
Where flowers in the wallpaper bloom
Where you just don’t understand
In the privacy of my room
Look away now, look away now
At the moon

 CPuzzle me now with Gmystery clothes
 These Dapples I love, these Fapples I loath
 And Galways forgive the future to come
 For Dstealing the light from the sun

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Katarzyna Szostak
Katarzyna Szostak