Wrecking ball Kobranocka

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  • Tekst piosenki Michał V

My life`s an open book
You read it on the radio
We got nowhere to hide
We got nowhere to go
But if you still decide
That you want to take a ride
Meet me at the wracking ball
Wrecking ball
Wear something pretty and white
And we`ll go dancing` tonight
I see your smoky eyes
Right across the bar
I`ve seen that look before
Shining from star to star
Though I can`t take that chance
If you got time for one dance
Meet me at...
The restless line of cars
Goes stretchin` down the road
But I won`t telephone
`Cause you might say hello
What is it makes me feel this way
What is it makes me want to say
Meet me at...

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Michał V
Michał V