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Holding nothing
Falling down this time
Beating kind of something
So can I

Burnt in my face
Tears me appart
Everybody makes me give up

So if I held
Candled down to size
Everything I say
Is being dispised

I cling my head
How can I hold on?
Stealing all my things
Used to be so ...

Come all you can
Scare away the demons
This is a fantasy world and
This time fall in fear

Whatever the reasons son
You didn't know me,you didn't know enough
I'm freaking out
I made a mess
And then,it becomes wrong

Whenever I find myself
When will I ever never be the same
It stays dead,despite the soul
And remember to be strong

People help me
Should I pull the hand
Each stand for thriving
So I pray

Fell tomorrow
Freedom,another sun
Made this thing that I am
I'm alive

Tangle all the play
How much I hope for?
In bitter times I
Is how I feel you
I'm doing the best I can
Why must I hold on?
This is how I feel this time

My Time........

I'm crying for help now
Can anyone hear me?
I leave this trip
I can't be so strong

I wish I know someone
Got nothing to soon

And this time
I walk in the sand

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