As Long as I Have You Led Zeppelin

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I was born in darkness
I fought my way out to the blue - yeah!
Had to learn to stand up
Even when they scared me, out of, out of my shoes.

Let me tell you girl that you ain't a-never
Seen nothin' yet
There ain't a thing in this world that I can't never get
Lord, you know, yeah
Lord, yeah
Give me a thunder upon you
And I turn it to stone
Let me put this world in the palm of your hand
Say you love me,
And I know that half the battle is won

Don't you worry 'bout nothin'
I said I love you babe.
Let me tell you girl
You ain't seen nothin' yet
There's not a thing in this world
I can never get
As long as I have your... love

Yeah, ma ma ma
Don't it make you feel soo... fair, oh

I feel a little bit lonely, baby
But I never get a little lonely, baby
I said I'm gonna love you
Yeah, I'm a gonna think about
My darlin', darlin', darlin'
How I love you, oh

Every day I work so hard
I bring home my pay,
But you want more
And people tell me baby, oh (...)

Na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na na na...

Born in darkness,
I fought my way back to the blue
I got a lot of sadness
People, when they scared me
Out of my shoes, yeah
Ah, let me tell you girl
That you ain't seen nothing yet
I can't find a thing in the world
That I can never, never, never...
I love, love you
I want my babe
I want my babe

Why don't you...
Why don't you hush, pretty baby, yeah
Every thing is gonna be fine
As long as I have, ah - you...

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