Break of Dawn Lordi

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"They call me impaler
The great Nosferatu!"
And with that he explodes across the room
He grabs the Witch and bites her
The Bloodsucker's teeth are sharp
The son smells blood and rips his mom apart

Lines are drawn
And it's "game on"
I fear we'll all be gone

By the break of dawn
Break of dawn
Break of dawn
Break of dawn
So many souls will fall
Death waits to reap 'em all
By the break of dawn
Break of dawn
Break of dawn

With pitchworks and torches
Some of them have guns
The town folk mob shouts:
"We have had enough!
Give us back our Lizzie
You god forsaken witch!
We'll burn you at the stake for what you did!"

"You crossed the line this one last time!
She-Demon be gone!"

And now the door is swinging open
Much to the town folk's surprise
Emerging out of the cabin
Two bloodied creatures of fright
And the Count spoke:
"So even you now dare to face me?!
You puny mortal souls..."
The two were wraiths ripping and biting
Folks had nowhere to go

All the while
The son was inside
Eating up
His mother's guts

And all the while
Poor Billy watched
From the woods
All the townfolk died

Blinding rage
The Vampire turned
Wolf ran inside
He followed her

Against the wall
She barred her teeth
A silver knife
Was within reach

Rolling on the floor
His and her fangs find the mark
They bump into the Zombie
And he bites both of them hard

Slipping past her ribs
The deadly silver tip
Her heart the knife did prick
She said: "Oh why, my prince?"

Unseen by all
Billy sneaks inside
He has a stake
To the counts heart he strikes
And now they all are gone

It's the break of the dawn
Break of dawn
Break of down
Break of dawn
So many souls did fall
Death waits to reap 'em all
It's the break of dawn

And the zombie says...

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