Discoevil Lordi

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Sneaking out on a Saturday night
Mommy thinks you know wrong from right
As you're climbing out of the window
Something tells you to stop
But the damned beat is luring you in
With a promise of excess and sin
You're afraid to step across the threshold
But it's too late now
Too get out
It drags you in and slams you down

It's discoevil, toxic tones
It's discoevil, grinding bones
Red, hot and steaming,
Sweat, blood and screaming

It's discoevil, brutal sound
It's discoevil, lethal pound
Flesh searing lasers
Mirror balls with razors
The discoevil

On the dance floor the flesh undulates
All the oil mixed with blood lubricates
As your body gets torn asunder
it's sick but it's turning you on
You should go but you don't want to leave
So you scream out of horror and need
The duality makes you wonder
It tastes like hell
Mmm... oh, well
Yeah you know you'll come back again

On pins and needles
The ultimate saturday night
Feast of the demons
Under the neon lights

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