Never Say Goodbye feat. Nolbert Magic!

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When you look me in the eyes
Everyday I brand new stars
I want you and your beautiful soul

If you give me second chance
I show you how much I care
I'm in love with you my darling, yeah

You make me wanna scream
Make me wanna crazy
Make me wanna drop
I need you my baby
You are in my heart
And I never say goodbye

You're the beating in my heart
Beating in my body
Beating in my dreams
What I gonna do, please
And if comes the sun
I never say goodbye

I'm not afraid to keep on living
Cause I know baby you still need me
Every night I here you in my dream

So many nights we spend together
I know that you are something special
So I never, never let you go

Ref. You make me wanna scream...

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