A Night In Summer Long Ago Mark Knopfler

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My lAady may Icis have this dDance
Forgive a knb ight who knEows no shame
My lAady may Icis have this dDance
And lady mb ay I kEnow your nAame

You danced uponD a soldiers arm
And I felt the blb ade of lEove so keen
And whAen you smiled you dcisid me hDarm
And I was drb awn to yEou, my quAeen

Now these bAoots may take mecis where they wDill
Though they may nb ever shEine like his
There is nAo knight I ciswould not kDill
To have my lb ady's hEand to kAiss

Yes and they did tcisake meD through the hall
To leave me nb ot one brEeath from you
And thAey fell silentcis one and Dall
And you could b see my hEeart was trAue

Then I did lAead youcis from the hDall
And we did rb ide upEon the hill
Away beyAondcis the city wDall
And sure b you are my lEady stAill
A night in cissummeDr long ago
The stars were fb alling frEom the sky
And stAill, my heart, Icis have to knDow
Why do you lb ove me, lEady, whAy?

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Kamil Grabiński