Are We In Trouble Now Mark Knopfler

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1. Zwrotka
It wasn't just theD music
It wasn't just the Gwine
Some other kind of Gmagic
Was sending e shivers up my Aspine
Then I was fDalling
And I fell for you, and Ghow e   
DDarling,A are we in trouble Dnow

2. Zwrotka
They say we're grown Dup
But we've been searching all this Gtime
I wouldn't Down up
Never would e admit to flying Ablind
But in the DDarkness
We found each other Ganyhow  e   
DDarling,A are we in trouble Dnow

3. Zwrotka
GWhen we'd talk it AoverD 
Lb ove was a Gcry from a Adistant sDhore
GThen we found each AotherD 
b And all that Gwe'd been Asearching for

4. Zwrotka
And I'm done Ddenying
I guess by now you Gknow
I'm through with Dtrying
Can't bring e myself to let you Ago
And all of these Dfeelings
We said we never would Gallow e   
DDarling,A are we in trouble Gnow  e   
DDarling,A are we in trouble dnow

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