Get away Mitchel Musso

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I'm not sure what this is between us
No matter what they say
We've out grown this place
Yeah we've got to get away
cause I, I know
That it's crazy
but baby
We can leave it all behind
Just say Yeah
cause i know what'a on your mind

Chorus *
Maybe we should/can get away
Baby we can leave this town together
Maybe we can find a place
We can make it
We're gonna make it
We're gonna make it

Maybve we can get away
we don't have to wait to start forever
This could be our only chance
we should take it, we gonna take it
maybe we should get away

No one said it's gonna be easy believe mr
i know wahat i want
just take my hand

don't look back
you never have to
drivin' faster
they can't stop you
i know you're scared
there's nothing to fear
baby you're all i ned


don't stop
let the music move you
don't stop
let the rhythm run through you
don't stop
let the music move you
don't stop
let the rhythm take you

i know that she's comin'
and where going tonight
livin' like a movie
and ya know i'm feelin' alright
i know that were going and she's got it ya
come on pretty baby let's get up on outta here


* chorus - refren

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