I'm So Me ft. VA Streetz Mitchel Musso

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She sees the girls in the magazines
Shining on the tv screen
Wishing she could wear those jeans
But to her it seems like a dream
No she never had the perfect face
Never had the perfect shape
But its never ever ever to late
’cause one day you’ll find your way.

(VA Streetz)
Before the the liposuction, breasts implants
We loved our women do you think perhaps
Tv, magazines dictates what beauty is?
That’s foolishness if you know who you is
No two days are ever the same and
After the sunshine comes the rain
Then the sun comes out again
Even my imperfections make me who I am.


I’m so me (aye!) I could never do you (aye!)
I’m so me (aye!) I could never do you (aye!)

You see the guys in the magazines
Lots of women and all the bling
Wishing he could have those things
But to him it seems like a dream
No he never had a fancy car
Never learned to play guitar
But still you’re a shining star
No matter who you are.

(VA Streetz)
So you’re hard on your hustle grinding 9 to 5
Living in the city just trying to survive
Knowing you should push those big boy rides
Knowing you deserve to live that life
Every night you turn on MTV
See the people and the places you’d like to be
Got you dreaming of that money you’d like to see
You can still dream big and do you’ll see.

I can only be what I’m trying to be
I could never do you
’cause I gotta stay true to me
Coming from where I’ve been
There’s only one thing for sure
I love who I am and that’s all I need to know (aye!)


I’m so me (aye!) I could never do you (aye!)
I’m so me (aye!) I could never do you (aye!)


I’m just tryin’ to be
What I came here to be
I could never ever do you
Gotta stay true to me(aye, aye!)

Gotta stay true to me

Chase your dream
Live life and be yourself

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