Ready to fly ft.Afromental Mrozu

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I was ready x2,you were blind x2 ; jelousy is what you’re keepin’ deep inside

I knew I make it but you did not,girl you’re like a winner you were loosin the fight

I am coming at ya, step a side, move out,
‘cause bitch it's like nothing but a waist of time

You’re keep on hateing, you hate for life, I’ll never make it if I would listen to you

Ref: I would never be where I am standing, dream to be the one to rule,if I were listening to you
I would never reach for the stars in the sky isn’t comin’ true,
cause we’re ready to fly, to touch the sky, the sun .the moon you know we do
Cause we’re ready to fly to touch the sky you know we do,
cause you know we’re ready to fly x2

We’re staing here for long. Cause we’re having dope nose,
come on now bring it on. you fucking hope most
Cause you ain’t got care for nobody ,, you and your body,
shit words that you’re writng are makeing you more dumb, dumb
We’re unbreakable, unstoppable,
can’t hold us down and that’s for sure
,all the words could cut like a blade if only I would listen, if I would listen to you

Ref x2

Are you readyyy?!
Don’t stop, Take time on the court never have take the date whenever you want oh,
better get a good box on a …
protect the winch if u ready to go,
u can’t doing it, don’t give a fuck if you refusing it ,
can’t stop moving it using it ,how do we feel?
We’re feeling just fine, fine and high,
above all ya motherfuckers can’t say what’s worth or right
,we’re gonna play hard,
never listen to that bunch of braveheart and fly away and leave you if u gay parked.

Ref x3

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