Acidland (wersja angielska) Myslovitz

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Intro: C G x2

No, don't give Cup and take life as it Gis G7  
Think there's no chCance,that you would live agGain

WChy so much stress, don't you Ghave gains to get?
We all Ado, even you
And the Fmore you Gseek the more you find, then
CLove, night and rain - life is Ggood
So try to luck and kill the pain
ATell me, do you always think you have no worth

FFind it in yourselfG7  

This country's like a psychodelic trip
You can't change anything
Go and make use of it
Your life belongs to you, yourself
Make more mistakes now and make up for them
And when you're down you will rebound
Bravely use your time
Or you may miss your only chance

So take a breath and think again, life can make sense
Just take it all the way it is
So push and change and try again, go forward safe
And take life all the way it is
Do change your life, stand up and fight, go forward safe

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