Back On The Road Nancy Sinatra

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[She:] Racing wheels under some great old bus
[He:] Children's faces sometimes smile at us
[She:] Miles of concrete roads that run our beat
[He:] Twelve o'clock I guess it's time to eat
[She:] Hail buddy, have you got a dime?
[He:] Thank you friend, we'll pay you back some time
Candy bar and a glass of water meal
[She:] Can't help much to change the way we feel
Everything we are is on our backs
[He:] Wrapped up in these old brown gummy sacks
[She:] Think we'll sit us down and rest our loads
[He:] Then we'll get back on the road

[He:] Ten more miles with all the county line
[She:] Where we hear the people treat you kind
[He:] The bummer's good, the sheriff's got a dog named Male
[She:] Sometimes we just sleep the night in jail
Hey, there goes Joey, he is driving 99
[He:] Steady and stop and let us climb some time
I know he would but the company won't let him
[She:] Think old Joe was our one and only friend
[He:] What's that noise? It's someone call our names
[She:] Guess it's just some children playing games
[He:] Think we'll sit us down and rest our loads
then we'll get back on the road

[She:] Tell me Sir what do you call this town?
[He:] A pretty name Sir, and a pretty sound
[She:] It's funny Sir, our feet don't hurt no more
[He:] Our old backs ain't felt this good before
[She:] And something else Sir, while we think of it
we're not hungry Sir, no not one bit!
Is that Tommy Blake and Daddy Sue
[He:] Thought they died way back in '62
[She:] Well, thank you Sir, you are so very kind
[He:] We'll stay a little while if you don't mind
[She:] We'll sit and talk Sir, and we'll rest our loads
[He:] Then we'll get back on the road

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