Burnin' Down the Spark Nancy Sinatra

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Standin' in the crowds
Lost out in the street
Loving the chaos
With my heart down at my feet

Taking every step
Like it's my very last
Looking 'round the corners
Searching through the glass

For a glimpse of you
Eyes of shining blue
All these memories
Of you come to haunt me
They come to haunt me

Taste the stringing rain
Falling on my tongue
Hanging on your words
Cherish every one

Can't bring you back
No matter what I say
Driving in my car
Just to drive away

Hear the tires spin
Round and round again
All these memories
Still come to haunt me
Oh, they haunt me

The city sleepin' cross the river
I'm up alone, burning down the spark
Wonder where you are tonight
And how far you've drifted out there in the dark

Wind at my window
Rattling the door
Pounding on my heart
Like it's never done before

Still I wonder if it could be these memories
No matter how I try they never let me be

Always find a way
Calling out your name
All these memories
Of you stay and haunt me
They come to haunt me

Still haunt me
Ooh, they haunt me
Oh, they haunt me

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