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Intro riff (play two times):

Intro: A7sus4 D d Asus4 Dsus4 D d Asus4 (whistle)

DHey now little sd peedy head the Asus4read on the speedoDsus4meter says
you hDave to go the td ask in the Asus4city 
Where pDeople drown and pd eople serve
Asus4Don't be shy, your Dsus4just deserve, is oDnly just ld ight years to Asus4go   

  GMe my thoughts are Aflowers strewn, an Docean storm may e bury them
  GI have got to Aleave to find my Dway  (Dsus4)       
  GWatch the road and Amemorize this Dlife that passed bee fore my eyes
  and Gnothing is Agoing my Dway

D d Asus4 Dsus4 D d Asus4

TDhe ocean is the rd iver's goal, the Asus4need to leave the Dsus4water knows
We're cDloser now, but ld ight years to Asus4go   

  GI have got to fAind the river, BDergamot and e bed of rose
  GRun through my hAead and far awDay   (Dsus4)       
  GLeave the road and mAemorize this lDife that passed bee fore my eyes
  and nGothing is gAoing my wDay

D d Asus4 Dsus4 D d Asus4
ThereD's no one left d to take the lead, bAsus4ut I'll tell you aDsus4nd you can see
We're cDloser now and ld ight years to Asus4go   
PDick up here and cd hase the ride, Asus4river empties Dsus4to the tide
FDall d into the Asus4ocean

  GRiver to the Aocean goes a Dfortune for the e undertow
  GNone of this is Agoing my Dway
  GThere is nothing Aleft to grow but Dginger, mint, and e indigo
  GCoriander stem and Arows of Dhay
  GPick up here and Achase the ride, the Driver empties e to the tide
  GAll of this is Acoming your Dway

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