What I believe Skillet

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a F G E /x2

aThe world around me is lost in misery
FThe only good I've Ggot in my life is ayou
No meaning, no other reason
FWhen everything feels Gwrong I feel right with aYou
So madly, desperate deeply
FObsessed your love is Gbetter than mine to ame
Can I have this Fmoment forGever?
FTake me, to the beginniGng

Ref. You are awhat I beFlieve
I'll Clive and die for GYou
This is aall that I Fneed
When Cnothing is real you Gare my truth
FIn the darknessG You ashine
FCan You keep me Gsafe toanight?
FWhen I'm down on my Gknees
You are what I bealieve

a F G E /x2

When we started whole hearted            a
I never needed anything or anyone else   F G a
I was broken you made me whole again     a
The only one I trusted more than myself  F G a
So madly desperate deeply                a
I will live for you completely           F G
Can I have this moment forever?          F G
Take me, to the beginning                F G

Ref. You are what I believe...

Believe in your love                     F a
Believe in your life                     F G
Believe that You can put me back         F a
Together on the inside                   C G
Chase all the fear away                  F a
Every time I speak your name             C G
Take me                                  F
You are what I believe                   F G

C d a G /x2

Ref. You are what I believe...

a F G E /x2

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