Yours To Hold Skillet

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ID see you standing herGe
b But you'reA so Gfar away
DStarving for your attentGion
b You don't eAven knowG my name

b You're going throughA so much
But I know that D/F#I could be the Gone to hold you

DEvery single day
GI find it hard to say
b I could be Ayours aloGne
DYou will see someday
GThat all along the way
b I was Ayours to hoGld
I was yours to holdD 

Verse 2:
DI see you walking bGy
b Your hair always Ahiding your Gface
DI wonder why you've beeGn hurting
b I wish I had someA way to sGay
b You're going throughA so much
Don't you know thD/F#at I will be Gthe one to hold you

(Chorus x1)

G I'm stretching but youb 're justA out of reach
You should knoGw
I'm ready when youb 're reAady for me
D/F#And I'm waiting for Gthe right time
For the Aday I catch your Geye
D/F#To let you Gknow
That IA9;m yoursG to hold

(Chorus x2)

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