Hey Jude (łatwiejsza wersja [od D]) The Beatles

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HeyD Jude    don’t make itA bad
take a A7sad   song  and make it Dbetter
GRemember to let her into youDr heart
and then you can staA7rt to make it betDter

HeDy Jude    don’t beA afraid
you were A7made    to  go out and Dget her
TheG minute you let her under yourD skin
then you begin to make it A7better         D         D7  

And anytime you feel the pain heyG Jude  reG/F#frain        e7    
Don’t carry the A7world upon your shouldDer               D7  
For well you know that it’s a fool whoG plays it G/F#cool    e7    
by making his woA7rld  a little coldeDr

Interlude: D – D7 – (A7)

Hey Jude D   don’t let me down A 
You have found  A7her now go and get herD 
RemeGmber to let her into you heart       D 
then you can start to maA7ke it better        D 
better  better  betteD7r  better  better YAH!!!    A7  

DNah  Nah  Nah   Nah na C/ENah NAH   nah na nah NAH ,G Hey Jude!                    D 

DNah  Nah  Nah   Nah na NC/Eah NAH   nah na nah NAH ,G Hey Jude!                    D 

repeat till fade...

++++++++++ CHWYTY +++++++++++

e ---|-x-|---|---|---|
B ---|---|---|---|---|
G ---|---|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|---|---|
A ---|-x-|---|---|---|
E ---|---|-x-|---|---|

C/E5 fr.
e ---|---|---|---|---|
B -x-|---|---|---|---|
G -x-|---|---|---|---|
D -x-|---|---|---|---|
A ---|---|-x-|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|---|

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