Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da The Beatles

GDesmond had a barrow in the D7market place,
Molly is the singer in a Gband.
Desmond says to G7Molly, girl I Clike your face
and Molly Gsays this as she D7takes him by the Ghand.

Ob-la-Gdi, ob-la-da, life goes b on e bra.
GLa la how the D7life goes Gon. (repeat)

GDesmond takes a trolley to the D7jeweller's store,
buys a twenty carat golden Gring.
Takes it back to G7Molly, waiting Cat the door
and as he Ggives it to her D7she begins to Gsing.

c: chorus

[NC]In a couple of Cyears they have built a home sweet Ghome
[NC]with a couple of Ckids running in the yard
of GDesmond and Molly D7Jones.

GHappy ever after in the D7market place,
Desmond lets the children lend a Ghand.
Molly stays at G7home and does her Cpretty face
and in the Gevening she still D7sings it with the Gband.

c: chorus

(NC --> No chord is played)

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