Tequila Sunrise The Eagles

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G G6 G G6 G G6 G G6
a D7 G G6 G G6
GIt's another tequila sunrise
DStarin' slowly 'cross the
asky,D7 they said goodGbyeG6   G  G6  
GHe was just a hired hand
DWorkin' on the dreams he planned to atry D7  
The days go Gby G6   G  G6  

Eev'ry night when the sCun goes down
eJust another Clonely boy in teown
And ashe's out runnin' 'D7round D 

SGhe wasn't just another woman
DAnd I couldn't keep from comin' aon D7  
It's been so GlongG6   G  G6  
GOh, and it's a hollow feelin' Dwhen
It comes down to bein' afriends D7  
It never GendsG6   G  G6  

G G6 G G6 G G6 G G6
a D7 G G6 G G6
aTake another Dshot of courage
hWonder why the Eright ones never a come  H7  
You just get enumb A 

GIt's another tequila
sunrise, Dthis old world
still looks the asamD7e,
Another GframeG6, mGm.G6..

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Piotr Kwiatkowski
Piotr Kwiatkowski