A Moth Under The Skin (wersja ang.) The Gazette

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High society under the floor The wild joy during skit is beautiful
Abnormal culture=Modern normal
Self-destroying and beautiful

A sense of beauty…Supply and demand

Cruelly expensive masquerade Drowning in the pleasant feeling of being paralyzed
Abnormal beauty=Modern beauty
A tense smile is beautiful

In front of my eyes you're inviting me and smartly scatter the dust from your wings

Joy over Fake ART that can't melt to Alcohol
It's only surface Without a doubt
freedom of expression You're doing well.
The product of the sense of beauty
A Head of Oranges

You resemble a butterfly
It is only a pretense
You forget to have been called a moth sometime…

A sense of beauty… Supply and demand
Even with a facial expression made by soneone else you're an unique existance

High society under the floor

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