Angie The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones

 aAngie, E7Angie
G When willB those Fclouds alCl disappear?
 aAngie, E7Angie
G Where weBre Fthe ladieCs from here?

     With no Gloving in our souls
     and no dmoney in our acoats
    C Oh you can't Fsay we're satisGfied

Angie, Angie
Oh you can't say we never tried
Uh Angie, you're beautiful...yes
but ain't it time we said goodbye
Angie, I still love you
Remember all those nights we cried

All the dreams we held so close
Seem to all go up in smoke
Oh let me whisper in your ear

Angie, Angie
Where were the ladies from here?
Oh Angie don't you weep
All your kisses still taste sweet
I hate that sadness in your eyes
but Angie, Angie
Ain't it time we said goodbye...ya

With no loving in our souls
and no money in our coats
Oh you can't say we're satisfied

but Angie, I still love you baby
Every where I look I see your eyes
There ain't a woman that comes close to you
Come on baby dry your eyes
Angie, Angie
Ain't it good to be alive
Angie, Angie
They can't say we never tried

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