Call If You Need Me Vance Joy

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CI love you in the morning when the a blood runs to your Gcheeks
CBabe, you are the first thing and the a last thing that I'd Gsee
CI was just a boy striking a matches Gupon your Cheart
CI couldn't a get no Gsparks

CAsk me to go faster, put my a foot down to the Gfloor
CStanding at the edge, I feel like a I've been here Gbefore
CI loved you in the darkness and I a loved you in Gfluorescent Clight
CIf it don't feel a right, Fbabe

You can Crun and Ghide, Fbabe
Like a Cbird you Gcan take Fflight
If I've been Cholding Gon too Ftight
If I've been Cholding Gon
FMmm, a oooCh
FOoa oooCh, Fooa oooCh, Fooa oooGh

Your mother always told us we should go out to the dance
You can't get struck by lightning if you're not standing in the rain
Take it as the truth or you can take it with a grain of salt
If it don't work out

You were in the shower we were talking through the glass
Packing up your suitcase, you were humming to yourself
One day you were smiling I could tell by how you sounded on the phone
You said I'm coming home, babe

I'm thinking 'bout Ccoming Ghome, Fbabe
I'm thinking 'bout Ccoming Ghome, Fbabe
I'm thinking 'bout Ccoming Ghome, Fbabe
I'm thinking 'bout Ccoming Ghome  C 

CMmma    G  C 

CI'm thinking 'bout a coming Ghome,C   a     C 
CI'm thinking 'bout a coming Ghome

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