Where We Start Vance Joy

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CStorm rolled in toF our sua rprise
It Cdoesn't rain under the Ftall trCees
YCou were my lover, you Fwere my ta ree
YCou would always FprotectC me
It's Ceasier to tFake a ha eart,
CThan to let your Fown be Ctaken
I Clove that little Fsmile you ka eep
CIn the corner of your Fmouth  C 

And a is it hard to Gsee me go?
DFoing things the Cwrong way
Ia f you're here, wGhen I fall
I know tFhat I won't fall a long Cway
 C   F   a A long way

We were talking on the phone
I stepped out into the hallway
My face was frozen on the screen
And you started laughing
Put a comb through your hair
And a clean shirt on
There's people coming 'round here soon
Everyone, act normal

a Big trees fall aGll the time
They Fcrack and sound like lCightning
La eave a big space in your sky Gwhen they fall
WFhen they fall a long wCay

C   F   a A long way

FPick me Gup
GFill my ca up nFow
FTake me dGown, dFown to Cwhere we sGtart
Let's Ggo too fa ar nowF 
FAll tangled uGp
GTake me a down, dFown to where Cwe staGrt
GDown to where we Cstart

CWhereF wea start

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