Little Boy Vance Joy

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a  I was Conly ten years Gold
a  Like the back of Cmy hand knew the Groads
I a swerved my bike and Clost control, oGver the handles Din the air
A a lady who came Cwalking by Gfound me lying there D 
And the nurse at the hospital said

e Little boy, a don't be scared
Now your Gfather is waiting Cin the next room
e Little boy, a don't be sad
Now your Gmom's on her way, you'll be Cout of here soon,mDmmm
Mma mmm Cmm,G mmDm
Mma mmm CmmG  D 

We drove so slowly through these streets
In the suburbs of our dreams, hmm-mm
At night my father closed his eyes, he saw the new car in the drive
My mother standing in the doorway, Friday night, a smile on her face
And the voice I can hear in my head

Little boy, don't be scared
Now you know we'll be sleeping in the next room
Little boy, don't be sad
Now tomorrow is as it is comin' 'round soon,mmmm
Mmmmmmm, mmm

We a only need a Clittle space
Just Gsomewhere we could Dcall our place
My a mother standing Cin the doorway
GFriday night, a Dsmile on her face

a These things always Cstart so small
With Gno applause and Dno drum roll
And a I came running Cup the hallway
GSee the car turn Din the driveway, hmm-hmmm

Mme mmm CmmmmG 
And I'll Dalways be that e little boy C  G 
And I've Dalways been that e little boy C  G 
Yeah, I'll Dalways be that e little boy C  G 
And I'll Dalways be that e little boy C  G 

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