Forever blue Vaya Con Dios

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Where are you now, my fallen angel?
Have you found some peace at last?
Making your exit like stranger
Left me bound to the past
To the pain
And the lies
And the dangerous games
That you liked
Enough to pay
The price with your life

One day my time will come, and baby
I?ll be travelling on that train
That?s gonna take me to you, baby
Well, I promise you then
When we?re face to face
Like a man
You won?t try to escape
I won?t let you hide
And in the end
We?ll stop this maquerade

Down here the circus goes on, baby
Your woman?s running loose
As for your so-called friends, now baby
Guess who?s wearing your suits
Fighting over your bones?
Guess who?s forever blue
Left alone in the cold?
Crying oceans of tears
Hurt in her soul
A million years
And mountains of gold
Won?t make up for all, oh baby
The hurt that you?ve done
Oh, baby
What have you done?

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