The Winner Takes It All Abba

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Intro:|D |b7 |e |A |D |b7 |e |A |

I don't wanna Dtalk about the things we've Agone through
Though it's hurting e me, now it's historAy
I've played all my Dcards, and that's what you've Adone too
Nothing more to e say, no more ace to Aplay

The winner Dtakes it all, the loser b7 standing small
Beside the e victory - that's her Adestiny

I was in yourD arms, thinking I beAlonged there
I figured it made e sense, building me a Afence
Building me a Dhome, thinking I'd be Astrong there
But I was a e fool, playing by the Arules

The gods may Dthrow a dice, their minds as b7 cold as ice
And someone e way down here loses someone Adear

The winner Dtakes it all, the loser b7 has to fall
It's simple e and it's plain - why should I Acomplain?

But tell me does she Dkiss like I used to Akiss you?
Does it feel the e same, when she callsA your name?
Somewhere deep inD-side, you must know I Amiss you
But what can I e say? Rules must be oAbeyed.

The judges will Ddecide, the likes of b7 me abide
Spectators e of the show, always staying Alow

The game is Don again - a lover b7 or a friend
A big thing e or a small - the winner takes it Aall

I don't wanna Dtalk, if it makes you Afeel sad
And I undere stand - you've come to shake my Ahand
I apoloDgize if it makes you Afeel bad
Seeing me so e tense - no self-confiAdence

D Bm7 |
But you see, the winner takes it all |(Repeat to fade-out)
e A |
The winner takes it all... |

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