Crazy for you Adele

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GFound myself today singin' e out loud your name
You Csaid i'm crazy, if i Dam i'm Ccrazy for yGou
GSometimes sittin' in the dark e wishin' you were here turns me Ccrazy
But it's Dyou who makes me Cloose my Ghead

And Geverytime i'm meant to be e acting sensible
You Cdrift into my head and turn me Dinto a Ccrumblin' Gfool

e Tell me to run and i'll race, if you Cwant me to stop i'll freeze
And if you wantG me gone, I'll leave, just hold me e closer baby

And make me

CCrDazy for Gyou,
CCrDazy for Gyou

GLately with this state i'm in i e can't help myself but spin
I Dwish you'd come over, Csend me spinnin' Dcloser to Gyou
GMy oh my how my blood boils, e a sweet taste for you
DStrips me down bare and gets me Cinto my Dfavorite Gmood

GI keep on tryin', fightin' these e feelings away
But the Cmore i do, the Dcrazier i Cturn Ginto

e Pacin' floors and Copenin' doors Ghopin' you'll walk through
And e save me boy

Because i'm tooooooo

CCrDazy for Gyou,
CCrDazy for Gyou

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