Changing Of The Guards Bob Dylan

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Intro: Gis

Sixteen f years,
SixteenGis banners uDisnited over the f fields
While the Cisgood shepherd Disgrieves
Desperate f men, despeGisrate women dDisivided,
Spreading their f wings 'neath the CisfalDisling Gisleaves.

Fortune f calls.
I steppeGisd forth from the Disshadows, to the marketf place,
Merchants and Cisthieves, hungry for Dispower, my last deal gone f down.
She's smellingGis sweet like the Dismeadows where she was f born,
On midsummer's Ciseve, Disnear the tGisower.


The cold-blooded f moon.
The captain Giswaits above the celeDisbration
Sending his f thoughts to a Cisbeloved Dismaid
Whose ebony f face is beyondGis communiDiscation.
The captain is f down but still believing that his Cislove will Disbe repaiGisd.

They shaved her f head.
She was torn between GisJupiter and ApolDislo.
A messenger f arrived with a Cisblack nightinDisgale.
I seen her on the f stairs and IGis couldn't help but Disfollow,
Follow her f down past the fountain where they CislifDisted her Gisveil.

I stumbled to my f feet.
I rode past Gisdestruction in the Disditches
With the f stitches still mending 'neath a Cisheart-shaped tatDistoo.
Renegade f priests and Gistreacherous young witDisches
Were f handing out the flowers that I'dCis givDisen to Gisyou.

The palace of f mirrors
Where dog Gissoldiers are reDisflected,
The endless f road and the Ciswailing of Dischimes,
The empty f rooms where her Gismemory is proDistected,
Where the f angels' voices whisper to the Cissouls of Disprevious tiGismes.


She wakes him f up
Forty-eight hours Gislater, the sun is Disbreaking
Near broken f chains, mountain laCisurel and rolling Disrocks.
She's begging to f know what measGisures he now will be Distaking
He's pulling her f down and she's clutching on to hiCiss long Disgolden lGisocks.

Gentlemen, he f said,
I don't Gisneed your organiDiszation, I've shined your f shoes,
I've moved your Cismountains and marked your Discards
But Eden is burf ning, either get bravGise for elimiDisnation
Or else your hf earts must have the courage for the Cischanging Disof the gGisuards.


Peace will f come
With tranGisquility and Dissplendor on the wheels of f fire
But will Cisoffer no reDisward when her false idols f fall
And Giscruel death surDisrenders with its f pale ghost retreating
Between the CisKing and the DisQueen of SwoGisrds.

f Fm...  Gis    Dis  


Gis Dis Cis Gis

E -6-8-9-8-8~----6-6~----4-4~--Powtórz trzy razy---||-6p4-4---4~--||
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G ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
D ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
A ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
E ------------------------------------------------||-------------||

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