Edge Of The Ocean Bob Dylan

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...aCre you here upside dGown

1. Zwrotka
Gwell, we're living on the C/Gedge of the oGcean
a with the mocking rumble ready to Gdrown
Goh the seas climbsC/G over my wiGndow
a with all the ocean round
Gwell we woke up on C/Gevery Gmorning
a brother brother wasnt hearin my doubt
Gbut let me tell you brother it Dwont be when the Cseagulls cross over Gtown

2. Zwrotka
Gwell, its all running aC/Ggainst the Gwindow
a i lean my head today G 
Gwith all the C/Gwearings that i Gfollow
a hunted down that way
Gwell, whatever where wC/Gill give no Gwarning
a well open your head to the ground
Glet me tell you brother its Dcoming when the Cseagulls cross over tGown

G C/G G a G C/G a G D C G

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