Amazing Day Coldplay

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Sat on a roof,
Named every star
Shared every bruise and
Showed every scar

Hope has its proof,
Your hand in mine, singing
"Life has a beautiful, crazy design"
And time seemed to say
"Forget the world and its weight"
Here I just wanna stay

Amazing day
Amazing day

Sat on a roof,
Named every star and
You showed me a place
Where you can be who you are

And the view,
The whole Milky Way
In your eyes
I'm drifting away
And in your arms
I just wanna sway

Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day

And I asked
Can the birds in poetry chime
"Can there be breaks
In the chaos sometimes?"
Oh, thanks God
You must have heard when I prayed
Cause now I always
Want to feel this way

Amazing day
Amazing day today

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