Believe in dreams Coldplay

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Going down these streets.
I'm Walking through the night
Every time i pass this way
I feel this warm inside

Easel on my back.
Brushes in the bag.
And I took all the paints used all life.

Going down the streets.
I'm painting all i see.
May be skies will become yellow may be green.
Everything around has colour from my heart.
Everyone can dream. And see this art.

Now i see i know life is life
Like a rivers running free. We are drawing our dreams, believe we must trying to paint.

Don't be shy. Just paint something and you'll see.
Everytime you'll go this way you'll get the shade you need.

Easel on your back.
Brushes in the bag.
And you took all the paints you'll use all life.

Make your canvas bright.
Let your eyes delight.
Passion will break free. Passion slept inside.

Now everything around has colour from your heart.
Everyone can feel and see this art.

Don't forget
All stars
Shining by your wish

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