Amsterdam David Bowie

[Zwrotka 1]
a In the port of Amsterdam there's a e sailor who sings
Of the Fdreams that he brings from the Ewide open sea
In the a port of Amsterdam there's a e sailor who sleeps
While the d river bank Eweeps to the old wia llow tree
In the Cport of Amsterdam there's a Gsailor who Edies
Full of a beer, full of cries in ae drunken town Efight
In the Fport of Amsterdam there's a Esailor who's born
On a d hot muggy Emorn by the a dawn's early light


[Zwrotka 2]
In the a port of Amsterdam where the e sailors all meet
There's a Fsailor who eats only Efish heads and tails
And he'll a show you his teeth that have e rotted too soon
That can d haul up the Esails that can a swallow the moon
And he Cyells to the cook with his Garms open Ewide
Hey, a bring me more fish, throw it e down by my Eside
And he Fwants so to belch but he's Etoo full to try
So he d stands up and Elaughs and he a zips up his fly

[Zwrotka 3]
a In the port of Amsterdam you can see saie lors dance
Paunches Fbursting their pants, grinding Ewomen to porch
They've fora gotten the tune that their e whiskey voice croaked
d Splitting the Enight with the a roar of their jokes
And they Cturn and they dance and they Glaugh and they Elust
Till the a rancid sound of the ace cordion Ebursts
And then Fout of the night with their Epride in their pants
And the d sluts that they Etow undera neath the street lamps

[Zwrotka 4]
In the a port of Amsterdam there's a e sailor who drinks
And he Fdrinks and he drinks and he Edrinks once again
He'll a drink to the health of the e whores of Amsterdam
Who've d given their Ebodies to a a thousand other men
Yeah, they've Cbargained their virtue, their Ggoodness all Egone
For a a few dirty coins, well he e just can't go Eon
Throws his Fnose to the sky and he Eaims it up above
And he d pisses like I Ecry on the a unfaithful love
In the a port of Amsterdam, in the e port of Amsterdam

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