single handed sailor Dire Straits

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Verse 1
d     TwCo in the morning drBy-dock town F 
d The river rolled awCay in the nightB  [-]  F 
d Little _Gypsy Moth_ Cshe's all tiedB down  F 
d She put her in the wCind and the liBgh[-]t F 

Verse 2
Yeah, the sailing ship is just a-held down in chains
From the lazy days of sail
She's just lying there, silent pain
You lean on the tourist rail

Chorus 1
a A mother and her baby and the Cd ollege of war  [d -C-B]      
And the concrete gravCe
d You never want to fCight against the rBiver law  F 
g Nobody rules the waves   B 

Yeah, on a nCight when the lA7azy wind is wd ailing
BAround the _Cutty SarCk_

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