Anthem of the Kings Eminem

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Ay Em you know my favorite white boy right...
I.. I owe you for this one

They think they crazy But they ain't crazy lets face it
Shit basically they just playin sick
They ain't shit they ain't sayin shit
Spray umh 50 (gun shots) A to K get in the way
I bring Dre and them wit me
And turn this day into fuckin mayhem
You stayin wit me Don't let me lose you I'm not tryin to confuse you
When I let lose wit this oozee And just shoot through you Izuzu
You get the message Am I gettin through to you
You know it's comin You motherfuckers dont even kno do you
Take some BIG and some PAC And you mix them up in a pot
Sprinkle a little bit Yellow Top What the fuck do you got?
You got the realest and illest killers Tied up in a knot
The Jebanauds of this rap shit Like it or not it's like a fight to the top To see who die for the spot You put your life in this
Nothin like survivng a shot Y'all know what time it is
Soon as 50 signs on this dot Shit what you know about death threats
Cause I get alot Shady Records was 80 seconds Away from the towers
Them cowards fucked with the wrong building
They meant to hit ours
Better evacuate all children
Their Nuclear showers theres nothin spookier
Your now about to witness the power
Fuck umh!

50 cent:
The Lords blessing left me lyrically incline (uh huh)
Shit I aint even got to try to shine God's a seamstress who tailorfitted my pain I got scribtures in my brain (ay It's 50)
You see a nigga laid out Wit his fuckin top blown off
(It's 50, Man that was'nt 50) They don't holla my name
You should'nt throw stones If you live in a glass house
And if you got a glass jaw You should watch your mouth
Cause I'll break your face
Have you ass runnin Mumbling to the check
Your going against me dogg You makin a mistake I split yo lip You lookin like them Michael Jack-Son Jackets Wit all them zippers I'm the boss on this boat
You can call me Skipper The way I turn the money over
You should call me Flipper
Your Bitch a regular Bitch
Your callin her Wifey I fucked her feed her fast food
You keepin' her Icee I'm down to sell records
But not my soul Snoop said this in '94
"We don't love them ho's" I got pennies for my dogs
Now I'm rich See the 20's spinnin' Lookin mean on the 6
Nigga's wearin flags Cause the colors match they clothes
The get caught in the wrong hood

Lil Wayne:
God Damn
Nix gonna hit a nigga in his head with this one I'm a paint the city red with this one I'm ahead with this one
See you fucking with the boy with two toys way before Christmas
No assistance just that persistance with
that commitment if I don't get it somebody gonna die tonight I know my vibe is tight and I deserve the throne and if the kid ain't right then let me die on this song
See I be riding just riding alone With my daddy on my mind like you gotta be kidding
How the hell you ain't here to see a prince do his thing somtimes I wanna drop a tear but no emotions from a king
Shall be So I be who I be That's me
That's Weezy F Baby and Please say the motherfucking
So I be who I be that's me That's Weezy F Baby and
Please say the motherfucking

Baby you gotta know
I'm just out here doing what I gotta do for me and you
and we eating so bitch why the fuck is you trippin'
I'm taking these chances My head to the sky
My feet on the ground My fingers to the judge if the money don't move Then I won't budge won't budge
No I won't budge no
Lord Money is the motivation
Facing the avenue
Back touching the wall
Got the weed got the gun
Gotta run when I hear the bird call (Dad)Hop in that thing and merk off Swerve off
You know me they call me birdman junior
Anybody murderer if Birdman sponsor it Phantom of the Oprah
All black crop tent locked in I can let them shots out
you can't get no shots in
Bulletproof Leave a nigga with a bullet-roof
Shoot ya' in your mouth Leroy
They call him bullet-tooth I'm like What it do What it do
There's a full court pressure I'm just going for the two
If I'm open for the three I'm a take it in a second
Even if theres one second I'm a make it it's nothing
I don't take it for granted I don't take it for nothing
I'm a take it for what it's worth to the dirt motherfucker

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