Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out Eric Clapton

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Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Słowa i muzyka - Jimmy Cox (1923)
Nagranie - Eric Clapton, 1992

OCnce I lived the Elife of a mAilliA7onaiAre,

d Spent all my Amoney, d just did A7not d care,

FTook all my fF7riends out for a Cmighty C/Bgood tAime,

BD7ought bootleg whisky, G7champagne and wine.

TChen I beEgan to AfallA7 so Alow;

d Lost all my Agood friends, had nd owhere tAo gd o.

FIf I get my F7hands on a dCollar C/Ba - gaAin,

I'm gonna hang on toD7 it till that G7eagle grins, 'cause


CNo - bEody kA7nows you wd hen you're dA7own andd out;

InF your pD7ocket, nCot oC/Bne peA7nny;

And Das for friends,G you don't have any.

CThen when you get Eback on your fAeet A7a - gAain

d Everybody wAants to be your ld ong-lA7ost fd riend

IFt's mighty stF7range, witChoutC/B any dAoubt

D7Nobody knows you when you're G7down and Cout.

WG7hen you Cfinally get Eback upon your fAeet A7a - Again,

d Everybody Awants to be your d long-loA7st frd iend

Said iFt's mighty D7strange,C withouC/Bt any Adoubt

NobFody kd7 nows you wGhen you're Cdown and oE7ut.

FIt's mighty D7strange, witChout any A7doubt,

NoFbody F- knows you when you'reG downF- , you're dGown and Cout.

C/B 020010
Fdim xx0101

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