My way Frank Sinatra

And nDow, the end is nD7+ear
And so I fD7ace the final cH7urtain
My frieend, I'll say it cle7+ear
I'll state my cA7ase, of which I'm cDertain
I've lD7ived a life that's D7/Dfull
I've traveled Geach and ev'ry hgighway
But mDore, much more than thA7is
I did it mGy wDay

RegrDets, I've had a D7+few
But then agD7ain, too few to mH7ention
I deid what I had to de7+o  
And saw it thrA7ough without exDemption
I plD7anned each charted cD7/Dourse
Each careful stGep along the bgyway
But mDore, much more than thA7is
I did it mGy wDay

Yes, there were tDimes, I'm sure you knD7ew
When I bit Goff more than I could chew
But through it e7all, when there was dA7oubt
I ate it fis7up and spit it h7out
I faced it e7all and I stood tA7all
And did it mGy wDay

I've lDoved, I've laughed and crD7+ied
I've had my fD7ill; my share of lH7osing
And neow, as tears subse7+ide
I find it A7all so amDusing
To thD7ink I did all thD7/Dat  
And may I sGay - not in a shgy way
"Oh nDo, oh no not mA7
I did it mGy wDay"

For what is a mDan, what has he gD7ot?
If not himsGelf, then he has naught
To se7ay the truly fA7eels
And not the fis7words of one who knh7eels
The record she7ows I took the bA7lows
And did it mGy wDay

D  D7  G  g  D  A7   Yes, it was mGy wDay

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Jan Chryczyk
Jan Chryczyk