Mind Disease Human

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Inside your confined mind
A sincere-patient is found
But down, to the depths of brain
Other would feel the same

Every second day of the week
You’re expressing your sickness. You’re weak.
Pleasure you see through the pain
With time you make alive insane

Preaching only ignorance
You’re thinking of your innocence
Killing pregnant woman
You want to exterminate mankind

You see no other ways to live
There is nothing you can give…
…to society. You are hold.
Your life is under control (of the patient mind).

You slash, you shoot, you burn
You make people unborn
Maker, as usually, moved on…

Moment of clarity is near
All will be done so clear
Killing to save your self
You don’t see anything else

Three of women are cursed…
… by your instinct, to be killed.
You will never feel remorse
You will never be healed.

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