Rotted in Humanity Human

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The Cemetary, keeper of time
In the perfect world of lies
The Crematory, healer of souls
When the sense of soul dies

They look into my eyes
And can’t see that I’m alive
They take me to the ground
To be never found

“Rest in peace and close your eyes”
But other name of hell is paradise

Body disposed, casket is closed
My lonely mind forever confined

Opening my eyes
Not knowing where I am
Really? I haven’t died?
And this will never end?

Brain can’t understand
This endless limitation
What for here I am?
What for a human being creation?

Even the beam of light
Will not penetrate the wood
I don’t know when I shall die
But I know that I should

Body is feeling something burns inside
Every organ is compressed
Only one thing all this hell reminds:
When I was depressed
Rotted in humanity, this is what I am now
Have found my destiny, paying much, but how?

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