Suicide Obssessed Human

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Living like always ready to leave
Some of the things I can hardly forgive
Every day going to kill the problem
Clot of an energy that is I am

Human is all that I love and I hate
Senses I found but they hatred create
All universe is so little for me
No more religion to set me free

I am suicide obsessed
On Earth I’m only a guest

Falling into the abyss of time
Thinking of things that once were mine
Grows the self-destructive despair
All this pain to me is not fair

Thriving of my suicidal disease
Seeing them happy, how easy they breathe
Can’t understand why it happens to me
Really there’s nothing forever to be

Sunlight becomes a shadow of death
Look in her eyes, there is no strength
But through pain in heart I still stay in my fate
Because better to wait than to be late.

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