Children Of The Universe John Denver

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
CA heritage of vision wag s given to us all
To smCell the rose's fragrance, to hg ear the songbird's cFall
To wFatch the distant mCoonlight fill, the cFoming of the tCides
To Funderstand that lCife is more than Falways choosing sa ideGF  B7    

And sCome have seen what can be seen of sg ailing ships and kings
And sCome are given feet of clay and sg ome are given wFings
SFome must struggle jCust to breathe, sFome have a golden spCoon
And sFome will never lCeave the nest while sFome walk on the ma oonG  F  B7    

And dCon't you know the life that lives withg in the silent hills
Is jCust as rich and beautiful and jg ust as unfulfFilled
As mFan with all his Cintellect, his rFeason and his chCoice
Oh, whFo's to say the nCightingale has Fany less a va oicGF  B7    

The sCilver dolphins twist and dance and sg ing to one another
The cCosmic ocean knows no bounds for g all that lives are brFothers
The whFippoorwill, the grCizzly bear, the Felephant, the whCale
All cFhildren of the Cuniverse, all wFeavers of the ta aleG  F  B7    

So pCalomino lie back down and drg eam yourself to sleep
The hCawk flies with the morning dove, the lg ion with the sheep
As fFar away as yCou may go we'll nFever be apCart
It's Fin your dreams that yCou will know the sFeasons of the ha earGF 

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Katarzyna Szostak
Katarzyna Szostak