Christmas For Cowboys John Denver

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  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
FTall in the Csaddle, G7we spend Christmas a Day,
FDriving Cthe cattle over G7snow covered-Cplains.
FAll of the Cgood gifts G7given toa day,
FOurs is the Csky and the G7wide open raCnge.

FBack in the Ccities they G7have different waa ys,
FFootball and Ceggnog and G7Christmas parCades.
FI'll take my Csaddle, G7I'll take the rea ins,
FIt's Christmas for Ccowboys on G7wide-open plaCins.

FA campfire for Cwarmth as we G7stop for the nia ght,
FThe stars oCverhead are G7Christmas tree ligChts.
FThe wind sings a Chymn as we G7bow down to pra ay,
FIt's Christmas for Ccowboys G7wide-open plaiCns.

FTall in the Csaddle we G7spend Christmas a Day,
Fdriving the Ccattle over G7snow-covered plCains.
FSo many Cgifts have G7been opened ta oday;
FOurs is the Csky and the G7wide open ranCge.
FIt's Christmas Cfor Cowboys and G7wide open plaiCns.

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Katarzyna Szostak
Katarzyna Szostak