Country Roads John Denver

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AAlmost heaven, Wfisest Virginia
EBlue Ridge Mountain, DShanendoah ARiver
Life is old there, fisolder than the trees
EYounger than the mountains
DBlowing like a Abreeze

ACountry roads take me Ehome
To the plfisace I belDong
WestA Virginia, MountainE Mama
Take me hDome countryA roads

AAll my memories gfisather 'round her
EMiners Lady, Dstanger to blue Awater
Dark and dusky fispainted on the sky
EMisty taste of moonshine
DTeardrop in my Aeye

Repeat Chorus,

fisI hear the voEice in the moArning

When she calls me
The Dradio Areminds me of my hEome far away
Andfis Driving down the roGad I get a fDeeling
That I shAould have been home yEesterday, YeE7sterday...

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