The Unforgiven II Metallica

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e 1.   Lay beGside me,  D    b tell me what they've e done,
    And speak the wGords I wanna hDear to mb ake my demons e run.
    The door is lGocked now,  D   but it's ob pen if you're tre ue.
    If you can uGnderstand the mDe, then I can ub nderstand the yoe u.
-G-D-b -e G-D-b -e G D b e
2. Lay beside me, under wicked sky.
    Back of dGay, dark of nDight, we sb hare this parade ise.
    The door cracks oGpen,  D   but there's b no sun shining thre ough.
    Black heart scGarring darker stDill, but there's b no sun shining thrCough,
    no there's a no sun shining thrDough, no there's no sun shinie ng.
Whe at I've felt, what GI've known ,
TDurn the pages,  tb urn the stone
Behe ind the door,  should I opGen it for yb ou.[-]  D 
Yeah! Whe at I've felt , what GI've known
SDick 'n' tired of stb aying alone,
could ye ou be there, `cause I'm the onGe who waits for yb ou.
Or are you uDnforgiven, te oo?
3.[e -G-D-Bm]   [e -G-D-b -Em] Come lay beside Gme,   thDis b won't hurt I swee ar.
    She loves me nGot, she loves me stDill, but she'll nb ever love agae in.
    She lay besGide me,  D    but she'll bb e there when I'm goe ne.
    Black heart scGarring darker stDill, yes she'll bb e there when I'm goCne.
    Yes she'll be e there when I'm goDne, dead sb ure she'll be there e.
+ REFRAIN + e -G-D-b e -G-D-b -e
4. Lay besGide me,  D    b tell me what I've e done.
   The door is clGoser on your eDyes, but nb ow I see the suCn,
    ne ow I see the suDn , yes now I see i-t[-]. e   
    Whe at I've felt, what GI've known ,
    TuDrn the pages,  tub rn the stone.
    I te ake this key and I buGry it in yb ou
    Because you're uDnforgiven, te oo. Never freGe, never me e.
    Cause you're uDnforgiven, e too.      Oh o[-]h G  [-]  D  [-]  e   

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