The Day That Never Comes Metallica

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Intro: x5

a G e C x4

a  GBorn to push you ae round
C  Better just stay da own
G You put ae way,
He hits the Cflesh,
You hit the ga round
GMouth so full of le ies
C Tend to block your a eyes
G Just keep them ce losed,
Keep praying, jCust keep Dwaiting

a   GWaiting for the onee      C 
a  The Gday that never coe mes  C 
a  When you Gstand up and feel the wae rmth C 
a  But the Gsunshine never coe mes, C  no  (E5)    
E  No, the sunshine never coa mes G      a   

a G a

a  GPushed you across that e line
C  Just stay down this a time
G  Hide in youre self,
Crawl in yourCself, you’ll have your a time
GGod I’ll make them e pay
C  Take you back one a day
G I’ll end this e day, I’ll splatter Ccolor oDn this a grey

GWaiting for the one e,  C 
a The Gday that never coe mes C 
a When you Gstand up and feel the we armth C 
a But the Gsunshine never ce omes  C   (E5)    

E5 G5 A5 C5 B5

C5 E5 B5 E5 x2

E5 x3 |
B5 B5 E5 | x2

E5Love is a four letter word,
E5And never spoken B5herB5 e   E5  
E5Love is a four letter word
E5Here in this prison B5   B5     E5  

I Fis5suffer A5thisFis5 no  A5  Fis5longer, A5  
I’ll Fis5put  A5an Fis5end A5to,
A5ThisB5 I Gis5swear, B5thisCis5 I  A5swear
The Cis5sun D5will B5shine
D5This I swear, This I swear,
This I Eswear


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