long away Queen

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# Ted Hermary (czth@musica.mcgill.ca)
#(Brian May/Queen. From the Albumn _A Day at the Races_.)
define E7sus4 base-fret 1 frets 0 2 2 2 3 0

You Amight believe in Eheaven, I Dwould not care to sayAE
For Aevery star in heavEen, there's a Dsad soul here todaAy
Wake Dup in the morning with a b good face
Estare at the moon all Aday
DLonely as a whisper on a b star chase
does Eanyone care anywaE7sus4y?
For Aall the prayers in heEaven
so Dmuch of life's this FwayAEDE7sus4A

ADid we leave our way behind us?
Such a long, long way behind us?
DWho knows when, now who knows where?
AWhere the light of day might find us?
D7Look for the day.A

Take heart, my friend, we love you
though it seems like you're alone
A million lights above you
smile down upon your home
Hurry put your troubles in a suitcase
Come let the new child play
Lonely as a whisper on a star chase
I'm leaving here, I'm gone away
For all the stars in heaven
I Dwould not live, I Fcould not live, this Away

ADid we leave our way behind us?
Such a long, long time behind us?
DLeave it for some hopeless lane
ASuch a long, long way
Such a long, long way
Such a long, long wayA7
AI'm Dlooking for, Fstill looking for that Aday

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